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"Hitting on that 'something more' is where design thinking can help, Kneeshaw explains."
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"A really great workshop. Good fun. Very interactive.
Great to have the opportunity to be creative while working."
- Amanda Newton
New Zealand Health Information Service
Training Programs - In-house programs

Our intensive workshops provide executive leaders and their teams with a hands-on introduction to the concept of design thinking.

The highly interactive format involves a series of creative thinking and design process exercises. We'll guide your attendees through the process, but they will do the thinking and creating.

  • General content - The entire program can be an introduction to new innovation skills with generic exercises to reinforce the concepts. The aim is to teach team members a methodology to use together in the future. You'll build team rapport while having great fun.
  • Customised content - Is your company stuck on a particular issue or project? We'll customise the workshop exercises and turn the program into a think tank with a difference. Your team members will learn the same great creative methodologies, and for the grand finale, we'll use their newly acquired skills to "design" a range of specific innovative solutions. Walk away with news skills and tangible results.

Course delivery ranges from 90-minute introductory workshops to 5-day intensives. Our ongoing programs (3 - 12 months) help you establish and nurture an organisational culture of creativity.


Creative Thinking and Strategies for Innovation
For 5 years Deborah ran the three-day program Creative Thinking and Strategies for Innovation through the Australian Graduate School of Management. This groundbreaking initiative taught over 200 executives from organisations such as Westpac, Optus and Qantas and local and federal governments, how to use design thinking to innovate and generate creative strategy. From 2010 we have been running an updated version of this program (called Innovate through Design Thinking) independently. Download a pdf outline here.

"Your course is one of the best I have attended for years. Very inspirational."
- Jeff Bourne, Product Manager,
Australian Unity Investments (AGSM participant)

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Our 1-day open enrollment programs give you a taster of the magic (and successful business solutions) design thinking brings. Contact us for details of the 2010 programs.

Our open innovation programs foster cross sector collaboration.