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"Hitting on that 'something more' is where design thinking can help, Kneeshaw explains."
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"Your session was - as always - great fun, thoughtful,
informative and very relevant to our group"
- Amanda Mckernan, Director
International HR Director Forum
Training Programs - Our approach

Sounds good, right? But HOW do you generate those great ideas? HOW do you drive innovation?

Designers excel in the business of producing wickedly clever solutions
for their clients. The good news is that this creative mindset and methodology can be taught and then applied by you to a wide range of business situations.

Our innovation programs introduce visionary leaders and their teams to designer tricks of the trade—techniques that generate dynamic solutions to give your business a competitive advantage. Engage your own creative genius and find out how to establish workplaces where creativity flourishes. You’ll learn practical tools that translate into enlightened breakthroughs, creative strategy, new products, and improved systems and services.

We offer several training programs to meet your business needs.

Video Interview with Deborah

Watch a video of Deborah explaining the design thinking approach