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"Hitting on that 'something more' is where design thinking can help, Kneeshaw explains."
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"We found the design techniques that Deborah
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- Kalash Mohan, Senior Advisor
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Innovation Pods

Harness the diverse talents of your people
to re-invent business in the 21st century

An Innovation Pod™ consists of a group of up to 12 diversely skilled personnel from different departments (e.g. IT, Strategy, Sales and HR) within your organization. They meet regularly to exchange knowledge, share expertise, learn new skills and collaborate creatively.

We train them in creative skills and innovation methodologies, and then facilitate a process where they use these shared tools, combined with expertise from their own departments, to workshop live challenges.

Our Innovation Pods™ program enables the successes and best practises of individual departments to be captured and utilised across the organization. The alchemy produced in the groups’ workshops lead to fresh insights and groundbreaking new products, services and strategies. Enabling you to become - and remain - a market leader!

The aim is to build an in-house Open Innovation Community where leaders and managers can:

  • Develop creative and innovation skills;
  • Build relationships with peers from different departments;
  • Share skills, knowledge and expertise;
  • Collaborate creatively / develop strategic alliances;
  • Keep abreast of current trends;
  • Reflect on work issues in a different / supportive environment;
  • Brainstorm specific challenges together.

We work with you to design an Innovation Pods™ program that adds the most value to your own organisation. Programs typically kick off with a residential retreat. Participants get to know each other while learning shared innovation methodologies. Follow up sessions provide an opportunity to polish skills, learn about new trends, and workshop live issues with other members of the pod.

The Pods typically give personnel access to
Coaching and peer support;
Monthly meetings;
A ready-made think tank;
Time set aside for reflection;
The stimulation of a like-minded group of individuals;
Insight into different departmental practices;
A new social network;
A range of half-day workshops throughout the year.

Contact us to discuss how Innovation Pods™ could work for your organisation.


Join an Innovation Pod™!

In 2010 we will be introducing our first open enrolment Innovation Pods™ program. Participants from a variety of different industries will come together to build skills, share expertise, and collaborate creatively together.

We are currently looking for thought leaders to be part of this exciting new initiative. Contact us for more details.