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"Hitting on that 'something more' is where design thinking can help, Kneeshaw explains."
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"Deborah provides an element of fun,
creating a motivational and enthusiastic response."
- David Calvo, Project Manager
Insurance Australia Group
Consulting: Leading creatively

Our vision is to help your business adopt some of the creative techniques that successful design companies do really well, like:

  • Grow and nurture creative talent;
  • Create an environment where creativity and innovation flourish;
  • Develop teams that delight in working together (with a shared dynamic methodology);
  • Build opportunities from the trickiest and tightest of problems;
  • Generate great ideas and develop them into outstanding solutions.

We can either work with your company in a general consulting capacity, or participate as designers in a specific project. Depending on the project and the need, our team of specialists will ensure that you achieve a successful outcome.

General Consulting

Project-based Consulting