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"Hitting on that 'something more' is where design thinking can help, Kneeshaw explains."
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"Great focus on techniques to shift paradigm,
unleash creative ideas, and convert them into actions."
- David Hollis, National Marketing Manager, Targus

Ideas are the currency of success and competitive advantage.
Help your organisation harness design thinking to grow creative talent and build a culture of innovation. We will help you generate the kind of ideas that create remarkable products, services and strategies. Our creative techniques will make you a market leader and keep you there.

Innovation Workshops
Our workshops introduce you and your team to creative thinking and collaboration. These highly interactive programs can be focused on general content, or custom designed around a specific company goal
or issue.

Consulting Services
We help you establish a creative corporate culture and/or bring design thinking to a specific project.

Speaking Engagements
Invite Deborah to your event to introduce why creativity and design thinking will rule in the 21st century.

Listen to Deborah talking with Ian Woolf of 2SER radio

What IS design thinking? And how can it help me?
Watch a video of Deborah in the interview seat at Bnet.

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